Esculent: What does this mean? by D.J. Baker

Esculent! Most people are in awkward stare or frown when they hear this word. They usually thinks this pertains to succulents 😃, but no. By definition, according to,  it means "Fit to be eaten." Esculent is a synonym for edible. Full disclosure: we're not talking about marijuana edibles. The way we personally define it is simply this: Whatever is created through nature that is proper or fit to eat to provide well nutrition, cultivates diverse culture(s), is grown sustainably, and creates a conducive environment for the conception and prosperity of life. Yeah that's a lot we know, but this comes to show it's complex, it's real, it's life in all of it's beautiful disaster. 

This is not just growing food, but having a conversation about all that food has to offer. There's wealth, health, culture, art, conversation, and much more to it than where credit is given. What we seek and hope for is the re-allowance of these offerings to play a more intricate role in our local neighborhoods and communities.  


So welcome the conversation, feel free to chime in. Email us at